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The Most Effective Dog Training Technique

This is common and basic command to be able to teach your own dog probably this can be the very first thing that you must be able to teach them using a treat system as the reward that can be able to work well and you may also need a leash that you can attach to your dog to be able to hold them real well. You need to show your dog that you have a treat in your hand and hold it over the dogs head that will make him look up and they you may say sit, sometimes just by holding the treat over the head your dog will get the command that you want him to sit.

As soon as he will be sitting the dog will wait for his reward there you will be able to get your dogs aura and positivity and he will be pleased that what he did was right. It is very much important that your own dog will be highly rewarded that your dog can be rewarded well after he will respond to you the right way so he or she will be able to get why he or she is getting the reward.

With lying down as soon as your dog has already mastered this kind of trick command you can be able to sit in progress to lie down in the command. While the dog is on the floor and in sitting position you must have a treat on hand and hold it in front of your it must be close to the floor and you say lie down.

While the dog is already sitting you must be able to have the treat in front which is close in the floor as he lies if needed you must use your other hand on the dogs shoulder and press the dog until he lies on the floor and give him a gentle tug with the leash.

As soon as your dog is already on the floor lying down, you must reward them with the treat and be very positive when you say good boy pet him and show that you are very much happy with what he did.

The tone of your own voice is very important to let your pet know that you are very pleased with the kind of response of your own command.
The stay command is a bit tough compared to other since it is important to choose the right moment during the day to start your dog to follow the command.

Knowing the capability of your own dog and be able to recognize what he is trying to display a well relaxed or just a mellow temper which can be important so the dog can be able to know that he is doing the right thing.

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